The company

Crea-Mar Hobby has launched PonyBeads.NL as her only shop in 2011. Since then the range has grown so much, so now in 2016 there are three shops needed, to keep the shops organized. All three web shops have their own trade name. Crea-Mar Hobby has no brick store, so if you want to pick up your oder, please make an appointment.

  • PonyBeads.NL
  • AfroHairBeads
  • Fritz4Kidz

Crea-Mar Hobby

Marianne Kalsbeek

Marianne Kalsbeek is owner of Crea-Mar Hobby. In 2016 the company is still a sole proprietorship.

Pick up your order? Please make an appointment. Call +31-183-600668 or send an WhatsApp +31-6-20405170


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